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Homemade siracha

Holy smokes time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe it’s the end of August already!

This summer has been a blast and I’m staying busy with fun and creative things to do.

Today I made some homemade siracha! I used this recipe except after seeing the price in red jalapenos I decided to use green.

Half of the jalapenos I de-seeded along with the habenero. Then I added these to the blender with some water, vinegar and garlic.

After that blended, I cooked it on the stove for about 20 minutes. Then back to the blender with salt and brown sugar.

Last step! Just put through a fine mesh strainer and wa-la!

Then I put it into an upcyled kombucha bottle I had that I put the old siracha screw top on. Ready to go in the fridge!

I had a taste and it definitely has a kick to it! I’m excited to add it to dishes and see how the flavor compares to the real deal.

In other news.. only 9 days until my international adventure begins! So incredibly nervous and excited!


Backpacking trip 2018 zerowaste style

Hey guys!

As promised I’m writing to show you all my backpacking trip last week. This is a hike we do annually, with a group of about 10 friends.

It’s always a blast and I enjoy the challenge. This year I decided to try and make all my meals from scratch;to save money, reduce waste and eat healthier.

Normally store bought backpacking meals come in a disposable pouch that you add boiling water to and throw away after the meal is eaten. They are made to last several years and therefore have a extremely long list of ingredients and shelf life. They also cost around 10 dollars meal.

Let’s be real, I’m way to cheap for that. I found some recipes online and borrowed my mom’s dehydrator. They all managed to fit in little baggies I reused from work which made for easy packing.



Curried Lentils
Veggie soup with dumplings
Black Beans and Rice






I made each recipe twice, one for each of us, making a total of eight meals that cost around 10 dollars total. They all tasted good and were surprisingly very filling for their size. Next year I’m going to experiment with making other more complex meals, like pad Thai. We had oatmeal for breakfast, which is something i normally eat on a daily basis, and for snacks I brought bulk trail mix, almonds, dried figs, peanuts and some date bars.

All the meals packed in a bag

We spent the majority of the time in the river relaxing and swimming. It was hot and dry so it felt amazing to relax and enjoy each others company. I left my phone at the truck, so the only photos I have are from my sister, so thank you katie :).




Landscaping update

It’s been over a month since I transformed my front lawn and I thought I’d give you all an update!

After a long battle with earwigs the plants are starting to feel at home. Don’t get me wrong, those pesky insects still show their faces once and a while, but they haven’t been chewing the plants as much.

Black eyed Susan’s given to me last year as starts
Poppies started as seeds in the spring

This fall I plan on planting more plants as well, but for now it’s looking good ☺ I’ve also gotten some landscape rocks from my parents front yard to fill things in a little.

Honeysuckle going through its second bloom of the year
Clearance lavender plant
Echinacea plant FINALLY blooming. Got hit hard by the earwigs
Start of an Angle trumpet plant given to me by my mom
Blue grass given to me by a friend
Butterfly plant with some pink blooms
Russian sage blooming

My garden is also growing. Although all my pepper plants didn’t make it from seed. I did buy new plants from the store…all hot hot peppers and one jalapeno.

Carrots, green onions, peppers, beets, tomatoes, onions and potatoes
Cucumber, butternut squash, zuchinni and cauliflower

The hot summer heat is now kicking in with temperatures over 100 often. I’m hopeful my plants will survive.

I hope you all enjoyed this! Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to hear about ☺


Movin’ and groovin’ Summer edition

Hello everyone!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here! I feel like this summer took forever to get here but it is flying by so fast! Most summers fly by and when they are gone I don’t really have much to show for it. This year I told myself I was going to try and do as much as possible without being overwhelmed. This doesn’t mean extravagant trips that cost alot of money, just new experiences and memories that will last longer than summer.

So far it means lots of time spent in the garden (dirty nails always ❤), comsuming fresh produce daily, homemade blackberry AND raspberry kombucha, a trip to spokane, a wonderful 4th of july spent with family and the great outdoors!

This last weekend we went to Bend oregon to spend time with Ian’s family for his sister’s birthday. We had so much fun and had the best day ever. Near mount bachelor there are so many pretty lakes. Elk lake is gorgeous and offers kayak rentals. We spent some time on the lake kayaking and laughing so so much. It was one of those days where everything was going right because you didn’t care if it went wrong. Smile and enjoy.

I’m smiling now just thinking about it. It was my first time kayaking and I loved it. Ian and I shared a tandom kayak had fun teasing each other along the way.

After getting off the water we had lunch at the lodge on the lake and headed downtown.

This weekend I didn’t have much planned and I didn’t want it to go to waste so I found something to do. There’s a local hiking group on Facebook that organized a hike for Saturday. I met up with the group and we carpooled to andies prairie and then headed towards the trail head. We hiked along middle ridge and had excellent veiws.

The flowers were blooming and the butterflies followed us the entire way. It was truly beautiful and breathtaking. We stopped to eat lunch in the shade and shared stories of travel and education. Two or three of the hikers were retired professors from whitman college and others were alumni along with physicians and immigrants. It was a melting pot of some pretty neat people.

Baxter hiked with me and behaved so well! Everyone loved him and thought he was such a cute dog.

We had veiws of the wallowa’s and eagle cap mountains along with mount Madeline (I believe it’s the mountain out of lagrande). The weather was perfect; cool yet sunny with a breeze. We all made it to the end happy hikers 😊

I was talking to my hair dresser this week about taking the time to do things on the weekends. She has four children and it takes alot of preparation for her family to get out of town. She said she’d rather be tired on Monday than not do anything over the weekend, and that’s my thoughts as well.

My garden has finally taken off so I’ll try and update you guys next week with that! I hope you enjoyed this read! 😊

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My 4 weeks of intermittent fasting

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer days while they are here! I always try and remember the cold winter days when it gets this hot and it reminds me to be grateful for the sunshine.

I’m a summer lover and always have been. I attribute it to being a summer baby and having a Leo soul. I’ve been spending alot of time outside gardening, reading, walking or just enjoying a kombucha with the chicks. Literally. The chicks dig it.

These past four weeks I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting. There are several benefits to this that you can read about but I thought I’d tell you the ways it benefited me.

I ate between the hours of 11 and 7 and only drank liquids (coffee, water and tea) the remaining part of the day.

The benefits I experienced:

  • Improved digestion
  • More deep sleep
  • Weight loss

But I will say I also had more cravings and didn’t have the energy levels I’m used to having. I found myself feeling foggy alot and not being able to remember things I normally would. I’ve always struggled with maintaining a level blood sugar, and often experience huge drops leaving me feeling shakey and in a panic. I think the fasting exaggerated this issue and I was constantly in a feeling of panic or super full. Maybe four weeks wasn’t long enough for my body to adapt but I’m not going to continue.

Moving forward I think I’m going to keep the cutoff time at 7pm but allow myself to eat breakfast when I feel hungry.

I’d love to hear what works for you guys and what eating patterns you follow!


Father’s day 2018

Happy Sunday everyone!

We celebrated father’s day a day early this year to accommodate schedules and such. It was a beautiful sunny day that cooled off in the afternoon and turned out perfect.

I made my dad a vegan dinner of mushroom tacos with a grilled corn salsa and some potato salad on the side. For dessert I was planning on making some vegan angle food cake but that didn’t turn out. If anyone has suggestions you should let me know! I was planning on pairing it with some homemade vegan strawberry ice cream but instead we had ice cream in waffle cones.

Then we went beer tasting ( dad and katie while ian and I just came along for the ride) at a couple local breweries.

Then I came home and had my first fire in my repurposed fire pit! I took a old washer drum from a dump and made it into a fire pit! I see alot of fun happening now.

Then today we spent time with ians dad, had lunch and went to a movie.

Now I’m sitting on the couch thinking of doing a cleanse from sugar seeing as I ate way too much of it this weekend. I’ll let you know how I follow through next week. 😊


Zerowaste bird feeder

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately I’ve just been busy with life 😊

My birthday is in less than two months and I’ve got almost every weekend booked until then!

Last weekend my dad and I built these bird feeders from scrap wood I had from building my fence. I used some old beer bottles I found on the side of the road and some glass dishes I bought second hand for less than 2 dollars total.

I spray painted them with some random paint I found at work and used some old wire my dad had to secure the bottles on the feeder.

They arnt the prettiest but they are essentially free and kept some bottles from going to the landfill!

Now I just need some birds to use them!